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For its creativeness, artfully speaking, and properly designed menu, delicious food and beverages, soothing and calming interior and exterior;  the artcoffee is listed by in Malaysia Delicious 100 2017-2018, making it as one of the best 100 eateries in Malaysia. 

Serving western oriental cuisine as an addition to their existing Single Origin Art Coffee, the artcoffee at Nexus Bangsar South is a new restaurant, for foodies alike. The brand is now on its fresh appearance, with near future plan to serve more varieties, expanding its menu from what it had in previous outlet at Sunway Giza, Kota Damansara. The brand is elevating from cafe concept to a full service restaurant as told by Mr.Prakash, The General Manager of the artcoffee. “A full Kitchen will enable us to accept bookings for events” he added.

Interior & Exterior


Located on the first floor, the artcoffee has 2 dining areas, indoor and outdoor. It gives more space for customers in comparison to the outlet at Sunway Giza. First impression, immaculate. It’s clean. The interior and exterior are both of simple yet interesting contemporary design. It has soothing colors for the interior, creating that sense of calmness for diners. Simply put, less overwhelming in its design. We love what we saw.


Inside, there’s even a corner where comfy sofas are strategically placed to give that space for diners to have deep conversation over coffee. And yes, the artcoffee serves great coffees, artfully. Well, tea, if you wish so, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Green Tea, Assam, Wild Berry, Peach Paradise you name it; they have it. It’s that place to philosophize, hypothesize, and theologize about the purpose of life.


Or perhaps have that secret lunch conversation, dinner if you insist, on a proper dining table that sits small and even larger group. Coming with a plus one? No worries as the artcoffee has adequate space for all types of groups. On another positive note, staff at the artcoffee are amazingly friendly, polite and attentive. They will appear from nowhere, the moment you are in need of something.


Cashier and pastry counters are strategically located, overlooking the entire indoor dining area thus enabling diners to get some attention when they need it. Head to the pastry counter to have a look at some of their display. We did and we’re amazed with the presentation and colors of mouth-watering cakes!

Food & Beverages


On Prakash recommendation, we had these two healthy and refreshing juices, Autumn Apple Citrus and Strawberry Watermelon Juice. The Autumn Apple Citrus is of fresh green apple accompanied with sour plum ice cube. The Strawberry Watermelon Juice is about that 100% pure- strawberry and Watermelon. Both juices are priced at RM15. While both tasted great, the latter is our best recommendation should you need something that is heavenly delicious!


Then there’s this alluring Classic Chicken and broccoli soup that comes with toasted baguette. The soup was amazing in texture and taste. It’s not thin or overly thick, had that perfect creamy consistency with generous diced chicken, right down to the base of the bowl. We’ve emptied that bowl, table manners put aside; we’re like a kid trapped in grown-up’s body and ate like there’s no tomorrow. It’s so good! In the menu, it’s named as Soup For The Soul. Indeed. It is.


Yes, we’re very detailed foodies. The baguette had great soft interior and that supposed hole structure. It was a solid baguette, pure and fresh. It’s not leathery, easy to bite through and dipping it into the Soup ‘meant for our souls’, made the baguette more interesting. What a great soup as a starter we say, it’s something that we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend, moreover when its price is way affordable, RM13!


Next came the Guac ‘N’ Nac. Priced at RM13, this option is about basket of Nachos with Mozzarella on top. On the side, were Salsa and Guacamole. That Guacamole was amazingly perfect for that Nachos. We love the fact that the artcoffee did not go overboard with their Nachos. The general rule is, Nachos only need ingredients such as chips, cheese, beans, salsa, and jalapeno slices or in this case, being substituted with Guacamole. Nothing else. Period. And they did it. For that, it’s surely one amazing starter, Guac ‘N’ Nac. 


From the long list of Pasta Selection, the choice’s narrowed down to Tomato Based Pasta, specifically, we had this scrumptious Meatball Pasta which is priced at RM22There’s 3 pieces of meatball, linguine (the pasta), tomato coulis (pasta’s sauce), Parmesan and Basil Leaves. Taste, texture and presentation; spot on. Perfect. We did notice that the Chef did an art work on the plate and that really elevated the presentation, not only that was beautiful and smart move, it ‘increased’ our appetite.


Then, it was this beautiful and alluring dish named as Chicks! Brilliant name, we have to say. It’s not one common dish, it’s made with love by the artcoffee talented Chef, Alex Hafifi (His glamorous name!). He created this dish. Chicks is about Baked Boneless Chicken legs, stuffed with carrot, spring onion, mushroom paste and mozzarella, on top of yellow-spiced potatoes, serve with Chef’s Signature sauce.


Chicks is priced at amazingly affordable RM28. For it’s taste, texture, layers, ingredients, presentation, simply put; it’s complexity, it should have worth more than RM28. Having Chicks is like opening up Christmas presents! There are layers and stuff inside. Great stuff, heavenly delicious. If you have any difficulties in choosing Main Course, go for this Chicks! You will be amazed as we did.


Dessert was amazing as well and it really wowed us in the sense that it’s not just about a slice of cake but it is about presenting it with proper decorations, artfully. This amazing Charcoal Cheese Cake is indeed delicious and beautiful! There were many colors being randomly spread on the plate as well as decorative flowers and marshmallow. Most importantly, all elements are edible.


The finale was equally great as in all the other servings. We’re in the artcoffee and it will be a shame if we’re not to have some latte with art on it! After all, their core is art, don’t they?

The Chef


We had that golden opportunity to personally meet Chef Alex Hafifi, the Chef who created that amazing dish, Chicks! Young but talented, we’re able to see his bright future. He has that passion in culinary and absolutely inventive. the artcoffee’s core is about ’embedding’ art, creatively to its food and beverages, and so does Chef Alex Hafifi who’s very into applying art in the dishes he creates. “One thing that I love and enjoy working at the artcoffee is the liberty given to express my thoughts in my creation. The employer gives me that much needed space for me to creatively present my culinary skills.” said Chef Alex Hafifi.

New Menu

When it comes to sharing meals with friends or if you’re much into set lunch, the artcoffee recently introduced their New Set Lunch & Sharing Platter Menu. As Prakash said “It’s a real value-for-money meal, so do stop by to get your droolicious fixed”.

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Our Thoughts

It was an amazing dining experience here at the artcoffee. We sensed that bright future of this eatery. It’s one of the best experience that we had in Kuala Lumpur city, particularly in Bangsar South. We have been to hundreds of cafes or restaurants in Kuala Lumpur. Only a handful of eateries were highlighted in our platforms and the artcoffee is in that list.

It’s a place where diners are ably to embrace art, as it is the main element in the artcoffee food and beverage’s presentation. The ambiance, significantly simplified,  not having that complexity thus creating soothing dining space. We’re definitely pleased with everything we saw and experienced. The brand seems to have detailed presentation of everything, from the staff, to its food and beverages.

Though it’s relatively new, we have no doubt that the artcoffee will soon be transformed into a high quality restaurant but with affordable prices tagged to its food and beverages. We’ve been here, had amazing dining experience. The question is, have you?

The artcoffee
Lot 1.8 First Floor
Nexus Bangsar South
Jalan Kerinchi
59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone: 03-2242 3888

About Us

At the heart of Nexus Bangsar South lies the artcoffee, a cafe and restaurant that serves a fine-dining culinary experience without the frills.

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